Meet the Lexus LC 500 h:


Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid seamlessly combines petrol and electric power. A Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid vehicle charges itself as you drive. No plugging in, no compromise. Whether a compact hatchback, an SUV crossover, a saloon or high performance sports coupe, the Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid range adapts to your needs and your lifestyle. With unrivalled expertise, over 1.3 million sold worldwide and counting, we’re bringing hybrid luxury firmly into the present.


In a world of firsts, Lexus truly leads the way. Our history of challenging the expected brings innovation with impeccable performance. Featured exclusively in the LS 500h and LC 500h, the results speak for themselves. Lexus

continuing to push the limits of hybrid performance, far beyond expectations. Now, you can experience a revolutionary new system from Lexus: Multi Stage Hybrid, for the LC 500h and LS 500h.

A 4-speed automatic transmission is added alongside the existing CVT (continuous variable transmission). 10 gears are simulated, evoking the 10 gears of the LC 500 petrol engine. The driver can change through these dynamic speeds, without delay, using paddle-shifts on the wheel.

The result? An enhanced, sportier feeling. Dynamic, fast, and connected, this is the most responsive and performance-ready hybrid system ever. You’ll enjoy fierce power when you hit the accelerator, and smart efficiency when you’re at a more relaxed pace. Multi Stage Hybrid sets the tone for what’s to come. It will influence the wider Lexus range, as we continue to lead the way in hybrid technology.


Powered by our unique Multi Stage Hybrid system – a world-first in hybrid technology from Lexus, and built on our spirit of innovation – we’re taking hybrid performance to another level.

Faster shifts, precision control, responsive driving and exhilarating performance of a 10-speed gearbox are all included as standard, all from adding a finely tuned 4-speed gearbox to our already exceptional transmission.

The result is unprecedented performance from a hybrid system, combined with unparalleled luxury, efficiency and reduced environmental impact, ready to respond to your every command.


The LC 500h sports coupé and the LS 500h flagship saloon are powered by our world first Multi-Stage Hybrid technology.

This pure performance innovation is unique to Lexus Hybrid, giving you power when you need it for unrivalled handling and agility on the road. Discover an enhanced experience and challenge your expectations.

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Lexus Hybrid monitors your driving conditions and seamlessly controls the combination of power, making the optimum choice for you. But if you wish, you can control how you drive: electric, combined, or petrol.

From start up, to acceleration, mid-journey, and deceleration, you can be the decision maker. For your whole journey, or just a part of it. Together, you and your vehicle consult to lower emissions and boost performance.

Normal mode ensures the optimal balance of fuel efficiency and engine performance. Sport mode brings you faster and more dynamic throttle response, for increased steering feel. And ECO mode moderates the throttle, engine power and climate settings for greater fuel efficiency.



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